July 31, 2017


Dear John,


The purpose of this correspondence is to thank you and your colleagues at Barker Management for the outstanding management services that your firm provided during the past several years for our home at Paseo Corto in Santa Fe. Your team provided exemplary support and guidance at every opportunity in identifying excellent tenants, facilitating repairs and maintaining records.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated by our family. Thank you for all that you and your colleagues do at Barker Management.



Charles P. Wood



March 28, 2017


Barker Property Management came to my aide as I was looking for a home to rent in Santa Fe. John Barker was not only immensely professional but very efficient in connecting me with a lovely home. I have been renting from Barker Property Management for several years and so has my mother. We have expirienced nothing short of wonderful sevice. Not only are they very prompt to fix any needed repairs but they are consistantly friendly and forth comming.

The staff of Barker Property Management is like family, they remember me not as a number but as a person. Once I locked myself out of my apartment and one of the property managers actually came on sight to let me back in my own home. On another occasion a bird got trapped in my chimney by accident and I was sure that it was going to die if we did not do something fast. They had maintenance out to me within an hour and the bird was freed. The also ensure that this would not happen to other birds by securing a netting over the chimney exit. They go above and beyond for their renters as well as their property owners, making sure that both parties are happy. Which I am sure, is not an easy job.

It was never a problem for me to reach or get in tough with Barker Property Management. The phone is consistently answered in a timely manner. Barker always got back to my questions and provided me with all the information I needed. I am so very grateful for the excellent communication between the management and myself. Coordinating with electrician, maintenance and the office has always been smooth and easy.

I am very happy to be renting from Barker Property Management and I recommend them strongly. Whether you have a nice home that you need managed or you are a dependable renter looking for a home, call them up and see what they can do for you. I have great confidence that they will not disappoint you.


Jennifer K. 

Santa Fe, NM



March 7, 2017


We have rented from multiple rental agencies in the past and Barker Management is hands down the best experience we have ever had. From day one they were friendly, attentive, and informative. John is a great guy and listens well to your needs. His assistants are kind, understanding, and helpful. I would recommend them wholeheartedly. Thank you Barker for making us feel so welcome in Santa Fe!


Adam P. 

Santa Fe, NM



November 10, 2015


I have rented from Barker Management for several years and have been extremely pleased with their responsiveness. I would definitely rent from them again.


Rachel W.

Santa Fe, NM



November 13, 2013


I am a tenant in their Palacio building.
Barker Management has gone above and beyond average service in mine and other tenants issues re. that building. My friend also utilizes Barker Management for property Management and they are quite pleased. You can’t make everyone happy, but they are competent.
When we first moved to Santa Fe we utilized another Property Management co. for a home rental, and that experience was less than satisfactory, so my advice when choosing a property management company is meet with them or talk with them extensively beforehand to see if you are comfortable working with them.


Evan G.

Santa Fe, NM