As a homeowner, managing your property an be challenging and time consuming. Barker Management can help ensure your Santa Fe property remains one of your most valuable real estate investments.

Barker Management has been in business for over 50 years. We have extensive knowledge of the Santa Fe market and diligently oversee properties from vacancy to tenancy. Our professional team is committed to addressing concerns and continuing mutually beneficial relationships between owners and tenants. Our maintenance team is available around the clock, and our in-house accounting department provides accurate, timely accounting statements.

Let Barker Management make ownership as hassle-free as possible. In addition to keeping you informed about the condition of your property, our services include:

  • Effective tenant screening: We follow a thorough screening process to secure suitable and qualified tenants. We process rental applications, perform credit checks, verify employment to make sure prospective tenants have adequate income, and interview previous landlords for references.
  • Affordable and professional repairs: Proper property management involves periodic maintenance in order to preserve your property. We handle repairs as quickly as possible with affordable contractors and only contact you for approval if there is a major expense exceeding $250. We do not up-charge vendor invoices and have a handyman available after hours for emergency repairs.
  • Managing and tracking paperwork: We ensures forms are correct and in place, such as property management agreements, leases, deposit forms, addenda, and legal notices.
  • Advertising: We secure tenants by promoting properties through our website and other online platforms including Craigslist, VRBO, and Airbnb which have proven to be highly effective in promptly filling our properties.

Call us today at (505) 983-2400 for a complimentary professional assessment of the financial potential of your real estate asset in the Santa Fe marketplace. We look forward to hearing from you.